Having some Canadian whiskey in honor of Gord

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It might seem like us Canadians are making a strangely big deal about this, if it’s even news in the states, but it’s hard to exaggerate how constant a national soundtrack the Tragically Hip has been up here. I’ve never really been that avid a fan, but just from existing in Canada, I know the majority of their songs. And not just vaguely recognizing it, like knowing lots of the lyrics to them too. The only other band I can think to compare them to for recognition and lyric-knowing from the general public is maybe the Beatles. I saw something yesterday where someone was trying to explain the importance to Americans by comparing Gord Downie to a combination of Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan. There’s even talk of a state funeral.


Anyways, here’s more of the Hip. I’ve had all their songs on shuffle since I got home from work.

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