Having some weird (not bad) thoughts, Oppo

Just need to get them out, feel free to chime in. Here’s one of the very few coupe’s I would love to own, especially in this navy blue and the carbon fiber(?) style trim. The GTS-R is my favorite racecar other than the C7.R.

I’m at this point where I’m 21, halfway through college, and generally doing fairly well other than the need to lose some weight(which I plan to do over the summer).


The big thing is that I need to be thinking about looking at internships and career paths, but have no idea what I want to do. I’m a Supply Chain Management/Logistics major and would like to look in the automotive industry at a manufacturer or parts company, but am unsure where to start/look/who to talk to. I’d like to intern next summer with a company especially since I live within 4-5 hours from Detroit. What do you guys think?

Outside of that, life is good. Couple of great friends, decent job to get me through the rest of school, moving to a new house/better city with the family in a month, and no need to worry about school debt. Gonna be fixing the weight issue over the summer and getting more active which will make me happier as well. Hiking is definitely in the cards and a nice excuse to start bettering my photography skills as well. Might even start learning to wrench on my car in my nice new, huge, flat garage and driveway.

And another Viper to end this, first one I ever saw in person.


(Ignore the watermark because I haven’t edited them out)

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