I was watching from over the river as the Hawker was performing a loop but sadly couldn’t pull back up and reports say it crashed onto the A27, the main arterial route across the southern half of West Sussex. I can not confirm if there are any casualties. More as I find out.

Update 14.50BST.

Sussex Police state aircraft hit 4 vehicles on A27 and came to a rest in some bushes.


Update 15.10BST

Sussex Police now state several casualties, BBC confirm Pilot is alive and in hospital.

Update 15.28BST

Video emerges of crash, WARNING MAY BE DISTURBING


The BBC have their own feed now, so anyone who wants to follow it, see it here


Picture is my own.

Shoreham Airshow is an annual event to support the Royal Air Force Association, a charity that supports RAF Veterans and supports many others with attractions on the airport itself. In 2011 a Hawker Hurricane lost power and crashed, killing the pilot though it is thought that instead of bailing out he stayed in the plane to try to manoeuvre away from crowds watching on hills. He succeeded.


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