Last night I wanted to go a bit unconventional so I picked the Hayabusa-powered Suzuki GSX-R/4 for the 550 PP Touring Car Championship in the International A series in GT6. While this "550PP" series actually allows up to 600PP, I tuned to 550 anyway.

In this series you're up against "touring cars," most notably the DTC style M3 and Z4 racers. The Suzuki is so lightweight (literally half the weight of the M3) that almost any contact with these cars sends you spinning, and we all know the predilection the AI has for PIT maneuvers. Not to mention that even clipping a curb at over 100mph can send you off-track, or even roll you.

So I'm driving with this very visceral fear of making mistakes, and it's pretty glorious. The GSX-R/4 is competitive in this field and can win handily with its agility, but the number of mistakes it took to get there is a bit embarrassing.

10/10, Would race again.