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Today, we have our first game review: DiRT 3. Here on HBM Reviews, I do 6 parts: graphics, performance, story, entertainment, features, and verdict.



DiRT 3 has great graphics. It could compete with Forza 6, even though it is 5 years older than the new great.

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It has the best graphics (by far) in my entire Steam library, which is amazing for games. They even go as far as modeling the welds in the rollcage. It has some flaws, like pedestrians are sometimes rendered as 2D, but only when they dash across the road. Yes, pedestrians dash across the road.


Graphics Rating: 9/10


DiRT 3 is a game with great graphics, an amazing story, and huge races. And yet it doesn’t destroy your computer when you boot it up. It gets at least 60 fp/s, without a gaming computer. It is just wonderful. The lowest fp/s I have experienced was about 40 fp/s. It is wonderful for your computer.


Performance Rating: 10/10


Having only gone through half of the first season, I may be a bit inexperienced in the game, but it is worked like a dream. I would have loved it if you could skip the voice narrations, but they help very well. Unlocking races is fairly easy. There is no money, you cannot buy cars, but I would still buy the game. The narrations are a little annoying, but end before you know it.


Story Rating: 8/10


The game is fast-paced, fierce, and fun. Drift events are easily won, rally and rallycross events are fun, and fairly difficult. Not enough to be mind-bendingly hard, but just hard enough to be fun. One downside: Gymkhana events are very difficult.


Entertainment Rating: 4/5


DiRT 3 is chock-full of amazing features, such as interactive loading screens, rewind features, and YouTube uploading.


Features Rating: 16/20

The Verdict

DiRT 3 is one of my favorite games I have played in years. I recommend buying it now. It is worth the money, and I think you should go get it as soon as possible.


Bonus Points: 11/20

Bonus points are rewarded for parts of the game not mentioned above.

Total: 55.5/75

This game has been given the rating: Excellent

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