HBM Reviews: Driver: San Francisco

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Today, we have a great game: Driver: San Francisco. Here on HBM Reviews, I do 6 parts: graphics, performance, story, entertainment, features, and verdict.



Driver: San Francisco doesn’t have the best graphics, but it won’t kill your computer. Put the graphics on full and it may be eye-pleasing. But remember, the greatest games aren’t the best looking. Like Need For Speed Underground 2. Painful to look at, very fun and memorable to play.

Graphics Rating: 6/10


Driver: San Francisco is one of the best-running games I have had in a long time. It almost never lags, and it takes up minimal computer space. I would love it if every game ran like this one.


Performance Rating: 10/10


Driver: San Francisco has the best story I have ever experienced.


Very in-depth, very complicated, but not confusing. You don’t even have to do the story missions if you don’t want to, you can just drive around, hitting cars and getting in pursuits. The story is also remarkably run and easy.

Story Rating: 9/10


Most fun I have had for a while. Switching between cars right before the moment of impact never gets old. And Ubisoft even boosted up some vehicles to make them faster and more fun: like an officially licenced bus. You heard me right. An officially licenced bus.


Entertainment Rating: 5/5


So many good points. For example, traffic in-game isn’t just some bland minimally-textured sedan. Every single car you can see can be switched into, except for pursuits and story missions. And some other parts. That means every car is modeled inside and out. How cool is that! And every car is officially licenced, meaning that there is a DeLorean, some RUFs, and a Dykemann!


Oh, and pedestrians jump out of the way. No death, no gore, just pure PG fun.

Features Rating: 20/20

The Verdict

Driver: San Francisco is very very fun. I recommend buying it while it is on sale, if a Steam sale is coming up soon.


Bonus Points: 11/20

Bonus points are rewarded for parts of the game not mentioned above.

Total: 61/75

This game has been given the rating: More Than Amazing

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