Near Head on Collision (Why my view on Hyundai quality is forever changed)

I haven't had a chance to put this up, but on Friday I saw the worst accident I've ever seen with the best possible outcome. It was almost 6PM EST when I saw a massive accident, that occurred about 5 cars in front of me, involving two cars. The second car almost swung into me, but luckily it just barely missed. What I'm amazed by is that no other car was involved. I don't understand how it was even possible.

The road I was on was a two lane county road where the speed limit was 50MPH. The driver in my lane had to be doing at minimum 60 as I was cruising at 58 to keep up with traffic, but was losing distance. The other car I assume had to be doing 50 as well as the traffic on the other side was hauling. Seconds before the accident happened I received a text; which caught my eye and when I looked back towards the road (no I didn't check my phone, just a quick glance) a car was spinning in 360 loops towards me; while I watched a second car spin round and around in the other direction. Within a split second two people's lives could have been changed for the worse forever. The reason for the accident, the man in my lane dropped his cigarette, bent down to pick it up and drifted into oncoming traffic, devastating a Hyundai Elantra. The lady had no time to react as there was no space. It was simply one lane next to another lane.

Here is what happened to the Elantra:


The other car some how got deflected off of the Hyundai, but still did significant damage. The other car's front end was completely smashed. It hit the Hyundia so hard it ripped the one wheel off and the other wheel ripped off from spinning. The Hyundai probably did 2-4 full revolutions before ending up backwards in the woods facing the same direction I was originally traveling. The other car came to a rest after a few revolutions on the same side of the road about two football length fields away (600 yards). They both ended up on the east side of the road. Again, no other car was involved. I couldn't believe my eyes. I can only assume both cars are totaled.

What floored me is that not one person stopped to help. I immediately pulled over as her car ended up directly across from me. When I went to check on her I was in for another astonishing surprise, she wasn't hurt. She was badly shooken up (rightfully so) and definitely in a state of shock. After I went through a few questions to make sure she was indeed OK and went onto a second round of "are you okay" she came back with a funny comment "Nothing hurts, but I do have a cut on my pinky". THAT WAS IT!!! A cut on the pinky. I wouldn't know until later that she was indeed okay, probably had a concussion, but not fatal blows. The cars safety performance was executed flawlessly. She was surrounded by airbags everywhere. She looked like she was in a giant marshmallow. The jaws of life did have to come out to get her out of the car, but she was okay.

The other guy seemed to be okay. He got out of his car and was sitting on the other side talking to the officer who got there no more than three minutes after I called 911. From what I heard his foot hurt, but no significant cuts or injuries. I didn't really get too much detail on him as I stayed with her until the fire department was there.

To say I'm impressed with Hyundai's safety performance is an understatement. A pretty much head on collision with two cars going around 50mph and no one was hurt is absolutely astonishing. It made me think of the Subaru commercial where the main message was "they lived". Well, she/(they) lived.


Here is the one wheel ripped off with the suspension and all.


A song that goes with the story (has nothing to do with the story other then the lyrics "head on collision")

Edited: added near, since it isn't a true head on. My apologies for the inadvertent sensationalism.

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