Some of you may recall that about 2 months ago my bother called me after I opened a delicious tasty beverage asking me to bring jumper cables cause his car died at a stop light. And my thought of course was, I don’t think you’re going to need jumper cables.

No he needed a new timing belt, and now, a new head.

It took him about a month to round up the (money for) the parts and we tore into the car, got half way and we still didn’t have everything we needed for the job,

Another 3 weeks went by and today we got everything put back together. Fire it up and it sounds like hell. Oh, intake boot wasn’t seated, but that’s an easy fix. The second issue is we can see sparks from near where the coil pack meets the plug wires.

But with the intake boot seated it Sounded a lot better.

We took it for a very short spin and it runs off and on between fine and misfiring. As we pulled back into the garage, I was getting a feel for semi-pattern to the misfires, and you can actually hear the missed sparks from the coil/wires. And the two seemed to be pretty related.


So I get to hold onto my brothers Golf for another week or two but at least I got my garage spot back. And a coil and wires is pretty easy compared to changing a head and timing belt.

Swapping the head was not too hard of a job. My brother, though not the best at caring for his car, is a pretty good wrench. All in all it took us about 12 hours for the head swap including a trip to Autozone today, and a break at DQ. Surprisingly, all the hoses found their places pretty easily and everything went back together fairly easily.