Below are two vehicles for sale on Facebook Marketplace, with a short description. Which would you rather daily and why?

First up:

1993 Toyota Supra, $37,000


It started life as a NA automatic targa top example. Somewhere along the way, its title was switched to rebuilt and the vehicle was swapped to a non-VVTI 2JZ GTE with a 6 speed manual, picking up all the necessary equipment (6 speed diff, bigger brakes, 272 cams, a built block, and better rods and pistons). The paint looks good in pictures and the interior looks fantastic. The car also sports a mismatched set of wheels for some undisclosed reason.

And in the other corner...

1980 Mazda GLC Wagon (I’m pretty sure)


The ad is in Spanish and seems to imply the vehicle is actually located in Ecuador, not Chicago, and that it is a Mazda 323, which is a lie. Sorry, Chicago Oppos. If this car were actually that close, it would be in my parking lot this weekend. The seller (and Google Translate) would have you think this car is in good condition and safe to travel in. I don’t see any reason to doubt this.


The interior is again, immaculate, with a little bit of headliner droopiness that was probably stock. The steering wheel may be an aftermarket replacement. More pictures show ample cargo room.

So, forgetting the location of either car, if they were for sale down the street from you and you had the money for either, what would you pick?

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