Hey all

So, I finally have some time, and I am ready to pull the trigger on the first upgrade for my Civic, a new head unit.

It’s been YEARS since my last new car stereo, and the choices seem infinate. The Civic, like many Japanese cars is Double-Din. I’ve listed a few of my potential choices, but I am always looking for ideas and suggestions.


That being said, here are the few I am looking at right now. Oh, price isn’t a HUGE issue, but I am trying to stay under 300 for the deck because I am also going to be buying new front/rear speakers as well.





Not usually a Sony fan, BUT this guy has a built in Class D amp that pushes 40Wx4 and 100W PEAKx4. Excellent reviews as well. Would be a good choice since I plan on upgrading speakers and would negate the need for an external amp (in theory).


And finally...



As always, thanks for any input!!!

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