My head says to go look at the split level 60s house that is 2 blocks into a first ring suburb with not much curb appeal but a double attached garage, a .25 acre yard, 4 houses from a playground and across the street from a lake(not swimmable most of the year). Probably no galvanized water pipes, and has central air.

My heart tells me to hold out for the right bungalow or Tudor in the city with a 1-1.5 car garage, a 5000 square foot yard, and all the curb appeal and charm a person could ever want. It is Bound to have either a boiler and no central air, outdated plumbing or wiring or a fun house floors somewhere, and all the other young couples will come flocking too.

Last time I let my heart win we put in the first offer and then so did 6 other people and it went for at least $10k over asking.

If I can get over driving an early 996; I should be able to get over living in a house that lacks a little charm, shouldn’t I?