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Headed home to America!

As a much-maligned Ryan Air Jet rolls by on the tarmac of Stansted Airport here in the UK, I patiently await my delayed flight back to the States. It has been an excellent trip with no major issues and everything (so far) has gone pretty much exactly as planned. 2 days in Barcelona, 3 days in London, 2 days of driving in England to/from St Ives, and 2 days in Cornwall. Much of the trip was very hectic but we definitely took the time to enjoy every bit of it. Eating great food, meeting wonderful people, and taking in every bit of the surroundings that we could. It was surprising to me how cheap food was and how easy it was to get around everywhere. Public transport that actually works is great! And even the driving here is just better due to roundabouts and people roughly following the damn laws. People do not even try in LA or anywhere else in the US really. Driving on the left side of the road was strange and never really felt natural, but I didn’t mess it up at least. I definitely had trouble with looking in the correct directions for give way intersections, but thankfully nothing ever went wrong.

Here’s some pics to end my post while I sit here bored in the airport.

Homemade Full English Breakfast, prepared by my Airbnb host in Cornwall
Gotta visit some tourist traps while in London
Didn’t think it was worth the cost to ride it, but at least it looks cool
No time to go inside but we were driving right past it, so just seeing Windsor was worth the stop

I have a bunch of pictures from Cornwall, particularly along the coast near Lands End. It was stunning there and truly unique. Kind of reminded me of Big Sur in California but a different sort of beauty. But those can wait until I get home! Hopefully I do okay with readjusting to driving on the right side of the road and shifting with my right hand again.

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