Headed to the "Art Center Car Classic" in Pasadena *UPDATE*

*Photo Dump & Write Up Tomorrow*


Here's one to whet your whistle. I swear the damn thing still smells like Elizabeth Taylor's "White Diamond" perfume.

Who's headed up to The Art Center College Of Design today? I sure hope this guy is there again cause I've always wanted to meet Santa Claus before he puts on the holiday weight.

This year's theme is "Street to Screen" which means lots of Hollywood types going on about the special relationship between the automotive world and the film world. They can blow all the hot air they want, just so long as there's pretty machines to keep my eyeballs happy. I know there's going to be BBQ and the Petrolicious guys will be there so a good time is all but guaranteed.

So if anybody from Oppo going to be wandering the grounds with a mild hangover like myself, get at me on Twitter. We can unite and heckle the genpop together, maybe share a slushie, become best friends. Or not. Either way, @thisnicelife for photos and mildly snarky comments about the show.

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