Dudes and dudettes,

how are ya’ll doing on this beautiful monday evening/morning/night?

I’m doing just fine. I’ve got a little bit of a nutcracker for you guys and gals. I’m heading out to Japan in about a week (6days and some hours to be exact). I already have a detailed schedule of what I’ll be doing the 2 weeks I’m there (car-related and non car-related). I’ve also e-mailed our resident Jap friend and fellow Opponaut Flavien but have not yet discussed the trip in detail with him.


My question for you guys is relatively simple: What are some things that I really NEED to do, according to you? I know there’s Google, but I’d rather have a detailed answer from you guys.

I’m sharing/Would like this post shared to LaLD, so here’s some extra info:

I’m visiting a couple of DieCast companies/museums/stores, including Ebbro, Tamiya and others. I’d love to put a mark of LaLD overthere somehow. I really have no idea how I’m gonna do that, but I’ll absolutely try and somehow do an activity/make some pictures exclusively for/by LaLD.

Thank you!