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Headless Toyota

Having the HG done, as well as unclogging an EGR issue, new water pump, fuel filter (a pain to access) belts, front main seal, oil pump gasket seal, flowed and balanced injectors and any other small wear item that looks like it could use a refresh.

Oh there it is.


Its all aluminum and even with the camshafts out it weighs a billion lbs.

Hey look, the camshafts!

Also, another head[less] shot


Also on the menu is a front axle service with new seals, regear to 4.56 front and rear and new front brakes.

HOORAY TAX REFUND! (guess I had better with hold less this year.)

242k miles, and look at that engine, looks pretty damn good if you ask me. The tech said the block is strait, the head is strait and the valves don't even look worn. That's why I put up with measly power, because the next time I will have to do this is....never (I guess in another 20+ years if gas is still around)

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