Hi all - it’s been awhile since I’ve driven my car due to the lockdown, so I took my mom’s ‘10 Accent sedan and my ‘09 Accent hatch for a 15 minute drive last night to get them both up to temp and give them each a workout.

One thing I noticed is that, in comparison, the headlights on mom’s car are SO much brighter than mine...it was almost scary, but I’d never really noticed as I only really drive my car at night so never clued in.

My car takes 9003/HB2/H4 bulbs. I have some Philips X-traVision bulbs in my car now, but they’ve been in there for a few years now, so I guess their effectiveness has faded.


Time for a replacement! Would give me something to do while I am stuck here at home due to COVID! I need to swap my rear turn signal bulbs as well...the amber coating has been wearing off and they are more white light then amber at this point...

I’ve used Sylvania and Philips in the past and am fine with either of them. I don’t want LEDs as, although Philips now sells H4 LED bulbs that would be great quality (compared to those cheap Amazon LED headlight bulbs), I’m still not sure how well they would work in reflector housings and they are still marked as ‘off-road use only’.


Anybody have any suggestions for trustworthy, bright (I live in a semi-rural area and drive a lot in the dark for school in the mornings....when school gets back going again after all this COVID stuff...) and preferably white-biased headlight bulbs (to contrast with my Selective Yellow fog light bulbs)?


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