Between intense rainfalls, water getting into my garage during that flash-flood, and having half of the front of my car torn apart during repairs, condensation has found its way into one of my headlights.

Unfortunately, it is also possible that they’re 17 years old and just old. The seal on the other one is cracked, though no water is inside — yet.


So I’m trying something easy first from the IS forum:


I unplugged the parking city bulb and the high beam bulb and moved them away from the headlight, this leaves a small and larger circle open into the headlight. I then ran the engine and closed the hood with the bulbs still out of the headlight. The heat from the engine and under th hood enters the headlight through the removed bulb entrances. It took only a few minutes for the headlights to clear up

just be careful nothing other then air enters the headlights through the open bulb entrances.”


But there’s a fair amount in there... Any other DIY suggestions are welcome. The lense is in theory removable, but it’s pretty well understood the bezel will shatter as soon as you try. While a fresh seat of headlights will really rejuvenate the looks of this car, I’m still emotionally and financially recovering from my last expense soooooo 🙃

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