What is the sound of one piston slapping?
What is the sound of one piston slapping?

We’ve self-quarantined because, you know. Since the kids have been released from high school and college, we are all hanging at home and I am taking on some of those projects I’ve been meaning to get to. First up, headlight polishing. These Toyota units were very hazy and foggy. I am not using a kit, but instead just general automotive and household items I picked up a while back.

Started with hand wet sanding the plastic with 600 grit (I didn’t have 400) and then went to 2000 and 2500. This left them cloudy and not clear. Wasn’t sure if this was what I wanted. I then vigorously cleaned them with a clean rag and isopropyl alcohol and they seemed a bit clearer, but they still looked fogged. Oh well. After they dried I hit them with Rustoleum UV protecting 2X universal clear coat. That gave them the appearance of being clear, but you can still see a bit of fog. Definitely not mirror-like shine and smooth.


I think I’ll just call this good enough.

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