An update to my failed headlight replacement saga a few weeks ago!


THIS is the connector off of my new headlight assembly that had the WRONG connector....i.e. this IS the wrong connector! I had noticed on both assemblies, the connectors in the assembly themselves seem to have an indent meant to pry out the actual socket for replacement. When I quickly tried to remove the old socket from my old light, it seemed like the prying point of the connector was going to snap, so I had stopped out of fear of breaking it.

After 20 minutes of very careful prying with two different flathead screwdrivers and a flashlight to see what I was doing inside the housing, I managed to get the socket out of the new assembly earlier this afternoon, so now it’s ready for the replacement. If I can manage to get the old-style connector out of the old light, I can easily swap it into the new assembly now and save myself the wasted $120 CAD or so it took to buy the new light I was worried about losing (the store won’t let me return the light unless I pay for shipping :/)


Advertisement hatch support struts have been ordered as the old ones are toast. Only one is working right now (the right one) and, although it still holds the hatch open, it does NOTHING in the winter and it still takes a lot of effort!

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