Headlights (Solved)

 So I’ll be needing to pull off my “rally bar” for sanding/paint soon. This means I’m going to be without my LEDs for a while, which has me thinking I need to upgrade my factory headlights before I remove the bar/LEDs.

Question is, what to upgrade with?

Had good luck with these in the past:


Or something like these might be a great upgrade:



I currently use my bottom set of LEDs on my bar as low beam/fogs, they’re aimed low so they don’t bother other drivers, yet still offer better lighting than the OEM headlights. The top pair on the bar are used as high beams when more light is needed/no one is around.

The OEM headlights are garbage at best, dangerous in reality.

Update: Ordered a set of 100/80w Mtec Yellow bulbs.


Holy shit are they good. I can see again! Now with this and the exhaust issue out of the way, I can move on to other things, like designing strut spacers.

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