Headlights go on.

Keeping the selective yellow bulb covers in. It looks pretty cool in real life. Electrical system is about 90% functional now. Floor mounted dimmer switch is cool.

The front end of this car is pretty deformed, so I might have to unbolt the headlight buckets completely once the grille/fascia is bolted into place, and shim the bucket itself to aim the headlights. I don’t think the adjustment screws are going to have enough range to aim the headlights adequately.


Also, both the radiator and the water pump leak. I’ve seen what’s his name’s 2-barrel Saab 96 videos, so I don’t have faith in a new pump fixing this problem, but we’ll see. They’re pretty cheap. As for the Radiator - I really don’t want to spend $300 or so getting it re-cored, but maybe that’s what will have to happen. I’m kind of hoping old cooling system gunk will just plug the leak. when I start running it...

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