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Heads up!

New phone scam incoming!

Got a call from 1-888-333-4444. (Brilliant spoof number.)

“Your AT&T account is going to be disconnected for nonpayment if your account is not made current in the next 24 hours. Press 1 to make a payment immediately.”


First, I have never been an AT&T customer; B, this call was made to a Verizon number lololol; fourthly, maybe this is racist, but your strong Indian accent makes me highly dubious from the get go.

And yet, I can see so many people (at least those who have AT&T) pressing 1 in a panic, and then dumping their debit/credit card info to whomever is waiting. I know most, if not all, of my fellow Opponauts are unlikely to fall prey to this scam. But I suspect some of us have family members who would totally fall for it. Make your loved ones aware, friends. 

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