Heads up, I’m on my way into work but saw the Q2 ER for Nio. I said I was looking for an average of 2,500 deliveries per month but these guys did 1943 for August and September’s guidance is looking to be about 1,500. Golden Week happens the first seven days of October so that would mean October deliveries may be around 1,100. Deliveries can’t go down this time of year.

I had to sell my shares (16,664 total) yesterday so there goes my premium, but I’m still going to trade the stock through the end of the year. I would need the Q3 earnings to tell how many cars they need to deliver in order to breakeven on costs now that they will have seemingly cut their expenses by half going into Q4.


Still a great brand with great products, but the business lost its stability over the last few months and the US stock market is likely to have a 10% drop relatively soon so I need cash on hand to be ready for that time.

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