RockAuto is running a sale on wiper blades. The blades on my Grand Cherokee are in ok shape, but they're starting to chatter a little when the temp dips down to 20 or lower. So I just ordered a pair of 21" Trico NeoForm beam-style blades for my Grand Cherokee for $15.59 shipped.

If you want to save a few more cents, use one of these 5% off coupon codes. Enter the code in the "How Did You Hear About Us?" section on the checkout page.

There's no free shipping, which makes them not quite so dirt cheap as they initially look, but a pair of the same blades from Amazon with free shipping would still be $25.38. So hey, I saved 10 bucks.

Side note: I wish RockAuto offered a local pickup option. They're based here in Madison and 3 whole miles away from my house. I'd totally order stuff from them and pick it up myself if I could skip the shipping charges.