Health Insurance part II: The Decisioning™

After ranting and raving about health insurance provided by our employers a week ago, I put in on the back shelf to cool off, then returned to bludgeon it with a series of knuckle sammiches.


Here’s what I done diddly-did:

  • Each of us has coverage under our respective employers, no dependent statuses (first time in our marriage)
  • This reduced our combined annual premium by 36%! [breaks arm patting self on back] Oh the irony.
  • We now each have out-of-network coverage if necessary (huge relief)
  • I was also able to double each of our dental coverage for a few bucks (we go over every year, I love sugar... such as candy corn).

What was the sacrifice?

ThanosEverything.gif No more HSA account. Each our plans are PPOs. But I think this will work out pretty well. In these uncertain times, I’m working hard to reduce our overhead but not roll the dice with risky savings practices that could bite me in the booty (such as: my previous awful in-network only coverage).


Haven’t figured out how to make my house cheaper, bills cheaper, gas cheaper, or taxes cheaper. I suppose I’ll toil and scheme a while longer.

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