Again, thanks everyone for the well wishes. I was a bit ambiguous on my final update: I didn’t stay in the ER all that long, about an hour and a half. I went home to sleep, which occupied me for several hours today, which probably means I’m going to have a hard time sleeping tonight, ugh.

Anyway, I’m about as ok as someone can be halfway through a week-long flu. The incredible fever that left me drenched with sweat, to the point where I blacked out from dehydration and woke up staring at the ceiling with a bump on my head and no idea how I got there, hasn’t returned to nearly that degree. I’m keeping hydrated and generally trying to hide from the world.


I haven’t looked at the statistics to find out how effective this year’s vaccine was, but I definitely don’t regret getting it. I don’t want to ever feel like this again, so I’ll keep getting vaccinated.

Now I just have to hope they come up with a vaccine for the new coronavirus.

Volvo 245 wagon owned by a ham enthusiast, photo nabbed from Reddit, for your time.

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