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Healthcare is expensive - Gee I wonder why

Just got my bill from my daughters surgery over the holidays. it wasn’t a small bill. Insurance paid for most of it because we had met our deductible and hit our out of pocket max...which we would have anyway...but it is still a shock to see it itemized.

I wasn’t surprised to see the OR fees, anaesthetists fees, or anything like that, there was one line item that was half the bill.


1ML [special solution only provided by one pharma company] - $9570


The best part? It’s basically just sugar gel. Seriously.

This 1 ML


cost 2x as much as the OR fees. TWICE! I only needed 1ml, most need 2-3 and some need 2-3 two or more times!

I realize that the FDA makes bringing new drugs to market expensive but cmon! Like I said they probably sell 20,000 units of this stuff annually. You’re telling me that it cost 191 MILLION dollars to bring to market sugar gel?


Speaking of improbably numbers, this post is well over 300 likes, which...why? I mean I meant to be funny but it wasn’t THAT funny.

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