And all I can say is that if you have a motorcycle, look into Progressive.

I knew going into it that there was a 99% chance the bike was a total, given there were gouges in multiple parts, including on the engine. What shocked me was what they offered me. For a 1996 Suzuki GS500E in “meh” condition, I was told it was valued at $1318 with the custom parts I have. The final offer of me keeping the bike(no salvage title) was $1125.25 after my deductible.


So basically I’m in exactly the same place I was last week, same bike, same title status, etc., but I am $1100 better off.


That’ll make a nice down payment on another bike. I’ve decided not to keep this one, as I’d have to wait to heal, then fix it, *then* I’d be able to ride again.

So, anyone want to by a slightly battered bike cheap?