So, I have decided I want to buy a car, and I am fairly dead-set on a Miata (of some form). So while browsing online, the local dealer had listed a 2005 Mazdaspeed. Now this wasn't the first time I saw the listing, I saw it about a month before (along with some others) and decided to stop and check it out, along with an NC while I was in the area one day (I wasnt particularly ready to pull the trigger on anything then), but when I arrived, no Mazdaspeed in sight, I figured it had sold and they just hadn't updated their website. So when I saw it still listed, I got curious, and contacted the place. Apparently they have another location about 2 hours away, but the inventory listed online is combined, and that's where the Mazdaspeed was. Talked to them, they were helpful, said they would bring it over from their other location so I could check it out/take it for a spin.

Monday night, I get an email saying its at my local dealer, and when would I like to come see it. I told them I would be in the area after work, and I would stop by around 5:30-6:00. So I spent all day at work in kind of a peppy mood, the car wasn't anything too special, but MSM don't come around too often, and it appears to be the Miata all Miata enthusiasts agree on is a great car. So 5:00 rolls around, and I set out for the dealership, when I arrive, I notice a sever lack of roadster on the lot. So I park, go inside, and talk to one of the sales people: Someone has it on a test drive......


So, I make some small talk, hoping whoever has it out shows back up, says the "Ill think about it", and give me a chance to go over the thing. So I have a seat in the dealership (didn't have anything going on tonight anyways), and wait. Fast forward another HOUR and 15 minutes, I see the faint silhouette of an NB pull into the lot. Then I see the guys* get out of the Miata, come inside, walk over to the desk, and pull out the cheque-book. Sold out from under me, without me even having a chance to sit in it. So defeated, I had one last small talk with a dealer there (asking if there was anything else I was interested in), and left, defeated.

*At the expense of sounding like an asshole. The new owner looked to be a 15-16 year old, and dad was the one with the cheque. An insult to injury for what would have been my first car purchase as a financially independent adult. [I may be a bit prejudice against the new owner here, and he may do fine, I just know what would have happened to a turbo-charged RWD if I had it at that age]

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