This is video of some of the soundtrack recording for Need for Speed, which I must say I have not seen. I’ve done a number of performances where the orchestra played the entire movie score from front to back, and you can see here that it’s simply not done what way. It’s all short bits (called cues) that are then stitched together. These heavy hitters make a lot of noise, and the trumpet player sitting in the middle, Malcolm McNab, is one of the heaviest hitters of all time. He’s probably lost count of how many movies he’s played for. And if you want to hear him do something insane, check out his recording of the Tchaikovsky violin concerto. That’s right, he’s playing the violin part. Here’s an excerpt from the end of the third movement.

The story I heard about this is that he’s been working on it for many years, and finally decided to record it. So he hired the orchestra (the dude is in no way short of funds) and laid it down in his garage studio. And he’s not just skipping through this. He’s playing all. the. notes. I’ve heard violinists do a worse job on this.


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