I’m in Abilene this weekend, and I’m watching the radar like a hawk. I drove up here in our new Civic, and the last thing I want is to have it pummeled by hail. I’ve got it parked facing out in the hotel parking lot, and I have plans to run out and drive it under the hotel roof by the door, or next door under a gas station awning. Which means that I have to stay up—and relatively sober—until this shit passes.

Here’s the same map with the storm tracks added. Abilene is at the top right. This shit is moving slowly west, but sliding northward along the cold front. The lead edge is about 25 miles away now. Hail is predicted. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

UPDATE: Okay, see that inverted triangle? That’s a tornadic thunderstorm. Really, fuck that. I ain’t got time for this shit. Note that the center of the cone of probability is right over north Abilene, which is where I’m staying on I-20.