My car recently developed an annoying creaking noise in the driver’s front corner. My mechanic had a theory it might be the heim joints on my Ground Control adjustable sway bar end links. I probably should have gotten the HP Autosport ones with sealed rod ends, but the Ground Control ones are spiffy red anodized aluminum, and we all know red anodized aluminum suspension parts give you +5 hp.


Are way cooler than these:


But these:


Make the un-cool looking ones much less likely to develop annoying noises like my racecar red ones did.

Last night I got sick of the damn noise so I bought a can of WD-40 Specialist Water Resistant Lubricant, took the driver side front wheel off, and sprayed a shitload of the stuff all over the heim joints and the threads where they screw into the turnbuckle. I took the car up and down a couple driveways in my neighborhood, as this is the type of driving where the creaking noise was loudest, and the creaking is gone! Woohoo! That was probably the easiest fix of a super annoying-ass noise I’ve ever done.


I’ll probably do the passenger side in the near future as a preventative step but hey at least I know there’s nothing seriously wrong and it’s just my heims needed some lube.

That sounds dirty.