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Hell is Other Drivers: Why I'm Looking Forward to Autonomous Cars

I enjoy driving; whether it's hooning a curvy mountain road or a just taking a relaxing cruise, listening to music and enjoying the scenery. Driving can be enjoyed in many different ways by anyone who has a car, but there's one thing that consistently ruins a driving experience: other drivers.

They cut you off, they drive too slow in the fast lane, they almost come to a complete stop because they just realized they need to be in that exit lane, they tailgate you, they're the one slow moving thing standing between you (and the ten other cars stacked up behind you) and that beautiful, curvy expanse of backroad driving pleasure. They just generally make a mess of things.


This is why I'm excited by the prospect of a network of interconnected autonomous cars, because it can effectively get all those people who don't want to drive off the road and leave it open for us who do. Autonomous cars that can share data about where they are and where they're going with all the other cars around them will be able to move incredibly more efficiently than a bunch of jackass humans who have no idea what they or anyone around them is doing.

So that's my vision of the future, a sea of robotic cars parting as I speed past them in the left lane in my operator controlled car, without having to worry about some jackass driving too slow or swerving in front of me, cars on two lane roads actually yielding to faster traffic, and never being stuck in a traffic jam again because people don't know how to merge.

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