So the kayak was delivered this morning, the original rack didn’t fit and I sent all that stuff back. I got the new OEM rack at Honda, installed it and then proceeded to get that 14ft kayak on the top of the CRV. I still had the Z out, so I used it to do my errands before swapping it for the CRV and getting down to the heavy business. Since I’m sure you are all so interested in how I put her to bed, I lock her up and cover her. I rent a space at a local storage place, very nice area and police are chomping at the bit so I am not worried. But I do Club it on the wheel and the clutch, then I got that trailer wheel lock just to make it clear that I am not messing around. Mr. Sunchaser can’t have all the bright colored Japanese car pics around here!! So my kayak is at Sea Trek in Sausalito, they are cool and help, I paid for a whole year so I get $10 off per month. Now, to sit down.

** Oh I forgot to mention that foam in a garbage bag you see sitting on my rear spoiler is to keep the water from pooling there**