I spent my afternoon driving some very twisty roads through the woods in my 944. I’m still getting a knack for shifting when needed on roads like this. My downshifting isn’t great, so I avoid it. And downshifting is needed on rural roads where the default speed limit is 55mph, but it has lots of 15mph turns(recommended of course, you can and should take them faster). But despite my shifting handicap, I roared my beast through 50 or 60 miles of backcountry roads. I at one point got to a map that let me know I had missed the turn I thought I would take. Despite having a giant map, this took some figuring out, as the damn thing had South at the top of the map and North at the bottom.

As I headed back into town there was a grand debate in my head. Where should I get food? All I had eaten all day was a bowl of cereal, and to the extent it matters, lots of coffee. I was pretty reluctant to go to my favorite place, as my wife gets her first check from a new job today and I am predicting she will want to go to this place this evening for dinner. But the drive was too damn good, it merited good beer and food.

When I arrived the only problem was that I didn’t have the coolest, or the second coolest Porsche at this establishment. I was a lowly third in the parking lot Porsche showdown:

My worries about such things were quickly forgotten as I said, “what the hell?” and ordered ribs, for lunch, by myself. I added some sort of local craft stout to the late lunch and sat outside and enjoyed the glorious weather. Hell of a Friday afternoon.