Plus some areas I like to explore.

The Black Magics throw usable light out a good 300yards plus! I can’t be happier. Huzzah I can see now and blind assholes in SUVs who never turn off their highbeams use them strictly on SCCA TSD rallies! Obviously the filmed over headlamps reduced already pathetic stock beams, but the awesome audio+video shop I’ve been trusting for years, Hi Way Hifi not only re-aimed the lamps (so they now point farther than 6 feet infront of the car), but they made custom mounts when the ones I provided wouldn’t work and zip stitched my cracked bumper lip for me. $200 well spent. They also warned me about a loose sideskirt. *cue foreboding music*

Unfortunately I didn’t get out early enough to beat the plows on the way to the roads they can’t access and that caused some troubles. Still enjoyable and perdy just putzing along...

By the time I got to the non plowed roads I was too busy having fun to stop and just as concerned with my sideskirt. Still, I got oppo here and there and am glad the process is plenty progressive (thank you LSD) whether its lift-off or I squeeze the throttle enough to wake up the turbo, which is just all kinds of fun.


Pay no mind to the faded CF hood that totally wasn’t like that before I let it sit outside uncovered or the sideskirt being held up by a duct tape sling, secured by my door....FFFF*#%! Plows dug into the frozen dirt on a steep downhill section leading off of the state forest hill I was atop, creating a violent washboard surface that just plain broke the old plastic mounting tabs in half. Very likely investing in Koni’s+GC shocks come summertime. At the moment it has KYB AGX’s+Tein springs which work fine with the bigger swaybar, just not on rough surfaces.


Even though I’m now spending the afternoon ordering new trim tabs I can only get from a special DSM site, it was still an enjoyable morning.