Hellastuck: Teaser

So I've apparently gotten horrifically addicted to another esoteric video game. You may have seen or heard of Rigs of Rods before, and maybe you checked it out or you were put off by it's circa 2003 graphics. Well, put enough work into anything and it can look pretty, so I thought I'd demonstrate the game a bit, through a captioned-pictures narrative.

Of course, I'm also a lazy sod, and it's 4am, and I'd rather not just link directly to my facebook album, so you'll have to wait. (heartbreaking, I know.)


Here's some samples to tide you over.

"Through the river and over the woods"

The Autopilot is almost perfect at holding your altitude. Unforuntately, when you're trying to do an extremely-low altitude drop, that almost is just a bit too much.


"Oh, that's a neat little tr..."




This game actually uses incredibly detailed physics. In addition to the vehicles which can be deformed organically (aka not in preset ways), the helicopters actually fly via the lift of their rotors' airfoils at speed, and are actually controlled by collective and cyclic pitch. This means that they are a bitch to fly with a keyboard, and this is the aftermath of me barely recovering after stalling the rotors over the ocean. Notice the... extensive deformation of the truck underneath. A taste of what's to come.

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