Well, I haven't really posted anything here before, but I thought it might be fun to share :)

As far as all you Oppo folks go, I don't have an interesting car; it's a 2004 Honda Accord v6 4dr. in gold. Boring, I know.

I currently own 2.5 motorcycles though. One even runs!

I bought this 1999 ZX6E to fix and flip so I could build the '97 GSXR 750 streetfighter I dream of building. Along the way I stumbled over a 1994 ninja 250 that was only $80 and had a peg I needed for the 99.

I've finally have the ZX6E running (close to) right ( it was idling badly once I got it running and then the air filter disintegrated and clogged the carbs) after taking the carbs apart, cleaning them and removing the shims someone put on the stock needles. Gas mileage is way better now as well.


With it running where I trust it to not immediately die I decided to take it on a ride up Tantalus here in Honolulu. Great fun even at low speeds since I don't know the road at all.


With it running well it's time to start into fixing the scratches and cracks from the previous owner. Maybe some re-painting as well.


This is the view out towards Diamond Head and Waikiki.

Not a whole lot to tell about myself, though my car history is fairly wide: '76 Skylark, '81 CJ7, '83 Colt, '83 Chrysler E class, '83 Plymouth Turismo, '83 T-bird, 90 Daewoo Pontiac Lemans, /96 Grand Cherokee. '98 Rodeo, 2002 Ford ZX2, 2004 Dodge Stratus and 2004 Honda Accord.


I have one more car, but it's still technically my father's: 1969 Corvette hot rod. He leaves it sitting without driving it and every visit I have to fix something and take it out for a maintenance drive. Can't find a photo of it at the moment though.

Pleasure meeting you all.