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Moss removal job, “by hand with wire brushes” was requested. 18,000 Sq ft apartment building. Steep roof with a four story drop on one side, ten foot sheer drop on the other. 8 inch metal walkway all the way around. No way to tie off. Would you do it?


I’ve been training for two weeks now at my new job and I’ve loved every second of it. Great guys, good management, and a much slower pace than my window washing company, with easier work. Climbing through every company position before settling in the agreed upon management role, so for now... I get to do the fun stuff like the above job!

It’s really interesting comparing this business to my last. They have a much greater focus on safety via technology, whereas my main nod to safety was via lots of training and building a reliance on oneself as apposed to equipment. Different strokes.


Okay, back to work!

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