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Graphic: whaitdomrblueshoe?


Another gorgeous clownshoe headed for the stratosphere.


The Alltrack is back to DD duty while the M3 has the PPF removed, and paint underneath corrected. It was SUPER weird at first...the revs just hang there as if time has stopped. I adjusted after a few minutes still feeling like I was sitting up too high then I noticed something else...”it is QUIET in here”


I normally do not listen to music in the car unless I’m with the family or on a long drive, but it’s like a damn tomb in there. It was super nice yesterday so I threw the windows and that big ol sunroof open. I could faintly hear that little turbo boostin more than its supposed to, haha.

Guesses on the Coupe? Bimmers of this vintage are all POPPING off right now. Even ragtop/smg E46's are going big. Also, I think there is a lot more “under educated” money on BaT since the buyout. See the E30 that went for a quarter mil.

Put ya boy in for at least $100,000.00

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