Hello Again Oppo.

Well, it’s nearly time for my 8th~ or so visit to the Volkswagen dealer in the year I’ve had this god damn car. (I lost track of how many times it’s been in.)

Here’s what it’s in for this time.....

1. Defective steering wheel clock spring making a noise when the wheel is turned

2. Hill start assist not engaging at all/engaging and not disengaging without revving it up to like 4k. (Third time it’s been in for this same reason.) Every time they say “can not replicate.” I highly doubt they ever check because the lazy assholes who work at this dealer work on their shitty old stanced Civics when they should be working on customer cars. (Ask me how I know.)


3. Air conditioning not working right (2nd time.)

4. Repair a scrape the dealer left on the front bumper (This is the 2nd time.)

Last month the car was in for it’s 10,000 mile service. They didn’t change the oil filter, didn’t rotate the tires and didn’t wash the car. As a result of them not changing the oil filter, the oil level in the car was WAY over the level prescribed by Volkswagen on the dipstick. They charged me around $200 for that bullshit and refused to refund a penny to me. The dealer is 30 minutes away from my house and they also refused to provide a loaner and as they didn’t complete the service, I had to make the trip twice.


Fuck you Volkswagen. At least stand behind your shitty products.

As to when I’m gonna sell it, refer to my previous post.

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