I performed the easiest oil change of my life. Easier than the Grom, easier than a lawn mower with no filter, easier by far than any modern car I have ever touched. I drove the 02 up some car ramps. My best friend directing me with his 7 month old strapped to his chest. Then I unscrewed the gigantic drain plug (largest one I have seen) which happens to be right in front of your face as you look under the front bumper. I could easily get both hands around the filter to remove it, cleaned up, installed new. Fin.

I’m sure that this is even easier on old trucks, and Wranglers, but I’ve not worked on either.

Also peep this friend I made. I did a stop and chat. He bought it from a guy in Florida and it was BEAT...Surprise surprise. He’s put a ton of work into (R34 turbos etc) and is just getting started on the cosmetics his fender flares are covering up some substantial rust but nothing that can’t be fixed. It sounds like a monster.


The 02 has been a little grumpy at WOT in the higher revs. It seems like it’s struggling to get fuel. Through the amazing 2002 community on Facebook. I found out several likely issues within 10 minutes at 11pm on a Friday night. Including a local guy that’s going to let me come to his shop to diag and parts pick!

One suggestion was to get myself a new fuel pump and also relocate it. It seems that I have a really shitty fuel pump and I already knew it was in an odd location. (at the front of the car, far from the gas tank, and up high near the windshield.) So I ordered a new rotary style pump from Carter and it and it was supposed to arrive yesterday, but Bezos fucked me.

What I did do was pre-wire a fused relay circuit for the new pump which will be located in the trunk. I could have just extended the wire from the old pump, but as some of you know I’m anal about organization including wire management. So I used this as an opportunity to rip out some of the useless wires and old relays. Then ran all of my wires in with the factory wires, cloth taped, and loomed where necessary. I even found a factory slot to mount the new relay!


So assuming I get the pump today, all I have to do is connect the fuel lines, and connect the power and ground wires that are just sitting waiting int he spot where I want to mount it. I have a Malpassi filter/regulator next to the old fuel pump, so I can just connect the fuel line directly to it. I won’t even have to buy new hose or clamps as the pieces from the old pump should be the perfect length for the new one in the trunk.


Now here’s the impressive part. I did the pre-wire with my 16 month old in the car! She flipping loves playing in it. She started yelling at me because I wouldn’t close the door with her inside, so I popped open one of the corner windows and shut the door. She sat/stood inside that car for over an hour. Talking to herself, pretending to drive and making car sounds, pressing her face on the window, honking the horn. Just as I was ready to button everything up, she started on a meltdown, so I quickly grabbed her stuffed bunny. That bought me 10 more minutes...done.


We dropped the munchkin off with Grandma and Grandpa so we could go for cheese plates and dinner at a local spot. L8r weekend.

I hope you all had nice weekends.

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