Hi all, I’ve been lurking for years and posting via burners seldomly for the last year. But I keep wanting to ask bigger questions, post cars I see too, and just contribute to this great site. So here I am. My automotive backstory may come later, and I’ll try to spread out all my ideas for posts over time, but I’m currently on year 2 of my 2014 Mustang Gt Premium (manual).

If you’re reading this, Hi Mike F!

This car will be paid off next summer and I’m starting to look a bit more seriously at my next daily driver. I will post more about that later but here’s just a quick story from visiting a Chevy dealership today.

It’s rainy and low 50s here in New England so I knew I wouldn’t likely finagle a good test drive. This is actually the first time I’ve gone to a dealership without intending to buy since 2010 so I was nervous. I’ve been very inspired by many of your stories of similar quests so I took a deep breath and walked in. I found a salesman and introduced myself as well as stating my intentions so as not to waste his time. Really, I would have been happy just walking around and taking a seat, but DeAndre was awesome and helped me for over an hour.

That red!


First up was a Corvette Grand Sport like the picture, with other higher trims around it, but no manual. I’m contemplating a Stingray maybe 2LT so this was a tad out of my league, but it was the only one open. Gorgeous red, I’d prefer Admiral Blue but this red is a close second. I’ve always loved the C7 design, but I was looking at ground clearance specifically because DD + New England = Struggle for such cars. I think the Stingray’s clearance will be fine but any of the higher trims with added aero pieces could be troublesome.

The other big thing for me is that I’ve never been able to get comfortable in my mustang even with the very adjustable power seats. Oddly my cloth non-powered seats in the 2011 V6 mustang was the best I’ve had. The seats in the Vette felt great! Good sign, but eventual test drive will tell me way more. I loved the layout of the buttons/switches from where my hand sat on the shifter, it feels like a cockpit to make the driver the focus. I adjusted the mirrors and I’m sure I could see well enough, though might like some blind spot stick-ons. Lastly the space definitely seems adequate, with a phone cubby behind the screen, another phone sized cubby armrest, the cupholders FINALLY out of my arms way, and a hatch with just enough space to scuba/hike/etc.


So angry!

Then, I moved into a 50th anniversary Camaro (manual) just to see what it’s like. Something something visibility, but really it wasn’t the worst. I don’t have too much to say about this other than it’s cool to see wireless charging for phones built-in to a car now. The negatives for me was how the armrest storage couldn’t even fit my Pixel nicely, the infotainment screen is angled slightly down (WHY?), and the opening to the trunk would be very difficult for scuba/hiking/etc.


In any case I had a ton of fun, DeAndre was awesome though a tad green, and thank you so much for inspiring me to go do this. Much more to come, so what do you think?

P.S. I’m at my parent’s house for the Holiday on my cell just FYI.