I thought having my engine dying was a difficult thing enough...But you know what? Life really doesn’t like it when I have things easy, ya know.

Well, I guess to crush all of my dreams of long term financial stability, our superiors just told me that they’re going to end our contracts without telling us who is converting. They didn’t even tell the other dudes, just me. This wasn’t supposed to happen, they were supposed to hire us before our contract ended. In fact, they told me that my contract would be extended for another year...but ya know, I live in a “right to work” state and all.


Instead, they’re going to get rid of all of us and “probably” give us a call. *sigh* Why did I get into IT? :(

Thankfully, I prepared for this. I lined up a full-time plan b (fuck contracts, fuck them hard) which I hope pays off. If it does, when my contract ends next Friday, all will be fine. If not....fuuuuuck me. A dying engine and no way to dig my way out? Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...I’m so mad at myself right now.