Hello Frenz, meet my new daily!

2006 R53 Mini Cooper S, 79k miles, manual of course.

Chrono pack, sport pack, cold weather pack, and whatever package include the xenon headlights, auto sensing wipers, and parking sensors. California car, two previous owners.


I ended up buying it from a Mini only used car dealer. NW euro and Jason deserve a shout out. Super nice guy, nothing but 5 star reviews, and he has people fly in to buy from him apparently because he knows his Mini’s and he does a lot of things proactively which puts people at ease. This one he had the clutch replaced, front shocks replaced, oil pan gasket replaced, crank position sensor replaced, as well as recalls performed. On the test drive we noticed some rattling on the driver window and the passenger speaker being out, so the next day he had a new window regulator put in and the speaker repaired. That along with the promise and, (based on his reviews) delivery of affordable aftercare meant this was the Mini for me.

Cosmetically, it has a sagging headliner, which I am on the fence about replacing or DIYing, some wear on the shift knob, parking brake handle, and a missing vanity mirror cover.

Mechanically it looks like the notorious passenger mount has started to go so that will need replacement, and proactively I think I want to add some strut tower defenders, remote supercharger fill kit, and an additional engine damper depending on how the replacement mount holds.


More to come. I actually even picked up some wheels for it to try and get away from the run flats, and my browser is currently holding a couple links to super charger pulleys and intake kits, although I want to enjoy it mostly stock for a while.

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