I took the Corvette track car project out for a drive and had a really pleasant time.

I passed a built Mustang with a very legit full roll cage, chin spoiler, very functional looking wing, and numbers still on the windshield on the freeway. He spotted my roll bar and numbers and we gave each other a wave and convoyed ourselves through traffic together for a while until traffic thickened and I turned back and headed home. I saw a few Challengers prowling around Alameda, as usual, an unfortunate looking stanced BMW pretending to be an M car (it wasn’t), and while sitting at a light a car two lanes over started revving it’s engine and I turned to get a wave from a guy in a built Miata who, like me, doesn’t have a horn so he uses his exhaust, which works better than a horn for a car nut anyway.

Now, maybe it’s the fact that it’s 90 degrees out. Maybe I seem friendlier because I’m in a convertible with a welded roll bar and no carpet. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s Saturday. There’s a few maybes about why today people seemed a bit friendlier than usual.

I think the real reason today is that my car and the other drivers I exchanged pleasantries with are all very obviously not stock, and moreover, not Instagram builds. No stick on vents. No caliper covers. No blacked out tail lights. Just street legal track cars quietly mixing in with the minivans who never notice the electrical cut off switches or tow straps on the other cars. There’s a quiet connection — a wink and a nod — to some car that might just be faster than yours, but then maybe not, and you hope to find out someday.