It’s been a bit unusually hot and humid here, which was honestly a nice taste of summer after spring took a turn and brought mostly cold weather through April, including plenty of snow.

But then, this early in the season, warm humid weather is almost always cleared out by a violent thunderstorm; in other words, a cold front rolling through. And holy hell it just came through five minutes ago and it was like suddenly my whole house was inside a car wash, but on the interstate at the same time. The wind was LOUD and the rain was coming from nearly all directions, but heaviest on the west side as the front moved west to east.


The windows in our kids’ rooms were just barely cracked for fresh air, but that was enough of an opening that their doors were rattling like someone was trying to get out. Rain was spraying the west side of the house like a pressure washer. And by the time I finished typing this, it’s not even raining anymore.

I love summer weather! I just wish we’d gotten to see some lightning with this, but not this time. Soon, I’m sure.

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And now my lights are flickering. Quick, post to the interwebz befor

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