Yeah, I know the calendar days it’s Tuesday, but since it’s the first day of my work week it’s Monday, if only in spirit.

Couldn’t sleep last night, and 0615 rolls around pretty quickly. Running late, I throw on my pants and hear a ripping sound, but there isn’t time to change them. Shoelaces take several minutes to untie, and I break one in the process. I get to work and surprisingly I’m not late. I’m already on a PIP (performance improvement plan) for tardiness. I open my briefcase to get my three headsets, and the most important one is missing, nowhere to be found around the office. I borrowed one, but I need to find mine.

A nice girl in reservations offered to get me a chocolate bar to cheer me up, but it was two days if geeking out in front of the computer eating junk that got me in this state. It was a sweet offer though, and I did appreciate the thought.

I’m not stressed or angry, just a a little disappointed in myself. I’ll leave here tonight, toss on dome sweats and play around with the copy of X-Plane 11 that’s supposed to show up today. It was scheduled to arrive last week, but this is what I get for trying to save a few bucks off list. If an offer seems too good to be true it probably is, as this situation reminds me, yet again...