I see that we have a lot of fresh faces/usernames around. I welcome that! The more the merrier, so to speak. Oppo is a welcoming community and we are open to everybody. It doesn't matter what/if at all you drive, what your favourite sports team is, which god(s) you pray to, where you are from, where you are going to... etc... we don't care. As long as you are into cars, you've found the right place! If you even have a little sense of humour? All the better! Welcome! So who are you? We'd like to get to know you! You know, when are new to any community, it is considered good form to introduce yourself.

Oh, and let's just set up a few rules. We don't care if you take your shoes off, or how you handle the toilet lid! All we ask for is that you put NSFW stuff and spoilers in replies so that it doesn't show up on the frontpage.

I'll start, obviously. And I have to start with a little confession. My name is not "Klaus Schmoll". I am a teacher of History and English for 5th to 12th graders in Germany, and I don't wan't my students to find my online profiles, so I created this Klaus character complete with e-mail, FB, and G+ accounts. I currently drive a '99 Euro-spec Accord and I love it. I only bought it because I didn't have much money when I needed a car for my new job, and it was a one owner, perfect service history car. My last one also was one of the more boring but safe bets, a '94 626 Hatchback, also one owner etc... So I'm not quite a risk taker when it comes to buying used, but I like to live through the shared Oppo knowledge and learn from the experience of other commenters to one day maybe go all-in on a more riskier purchase.

But that's just me, so who are you?