With each dose I become more dependent. I know this could possibly ruin my life but I just cant stay away.

Addicted I am...To hot Bavarian whips!

I already have a super sweet 02, and I went through a lot of trouble to get it. But this one has the wheels I like, and it’s pink! If you know one thing about me, you know I love polarizing colors on cars.

As far as auctions go there is a lot of time left, but this is staying pretty low at the moment (particularly for a tii). Probably because this one has had the fuel injection system replaced with two 40mm Weber side drafts which is the exact same setup in my 02! Which makes the 02 purists turn up their noses and makes me want it more!

I have no place to put this and my wife would be slightly annoyed for a few days. However, I want it. I want them all!